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uPVC Replacement or over-clad fascia and soffit?

For our first post, we’ll be talking about your ‘Roofline‘ area.

It’s called roofline because it’s the area at the base of your roof and runs around the property perimeter. In most houses, you’ll usually find the guttering screwed to the fascia boards. The soffit boards are the area under the fascia board and are sometimes vented. Venting can also be placed above the fascia, called ‘over fascia vent’.

Have a look at the image below:


When it come to replacing fascia and soffit, there are two main methods;

Method 1: Nail 10mm ‘L’ shaped coverboard over the existing timber fascia.

Method 2: Remove the existing fascia and replace with a minimum of 16mm thick uPVC fascia boards

Method 1 should only be used if the existing wood is sound and has been well maintained. If the timber is rotten, you will only be adding to the problem by increasing the load on the boards.

Method 2 is always a better option as sometimes the rot cannot be easily seen. 16mm thickness and above are suitable to nail directly to the rafters and can support the weight of guttering without additional support.

Be careful of traders offering to replace your fascia when they only ‘cap over’ the existing boards. You could be paying too much and only delaying future problems as opposed to solving them. In some extreme cases, it has been known for traders to fit 10mm as replacement – this thickness board is simply NOT SUFFICIENT to directly nail guttering to (the minimum is 16mm thick). Swish Building Products are one manufacturer and can be found here: http://www.swishbp.co.uk/products/fascias/

Remember: 10mm is for capping over, anything over 16mm is for replacing. Make sure you know what material is being used on your roof! It’s not the brand that’s important as most manufacturers use similar materials to produce uPVC boards, it’s the thickness of the boards and their correct application. The boards are usually fitted using 50mm or 65mm ‘ringshanked’ nails with white heads to match the boards.

At Universal Roofing and Building, we always try to advise our customers in their best interests to ensure your roof is well protected and well maintained. If you need advice, contact us using the menus above.