Roof inspections for new homes

Roof inspections for new homes for just £189*

Roof inspection

When you look into buying a property, you want to make sure everything is in order.

The roof can be an expensive outlay if there are structural defects or hidden problems that need fixing. These are the things you need to know before you buy!

  • Roof covering – Age – expected longevity – condition comparable to similar properties – suspected leaks
  • Ridge tiles – Mortar condition – ridge iron check – ridge tile condition
  • Guttering and rainwater systems – Type – life expectancy – problems or blockages – damage or cracks – leaking joints or unions
  • Valleys and gulleys – Fatigue splits – life span – poor repairs – mortar condition if present
  • Chimney stacks – Brickwork and mortar condition – loose chimney pots – worn chimney flaunching – flashings type and condition
  • Flat roofs – Flat roof condition – flat roof decking checked for soft spots – roof covering and life expectancy
  • Roof windows and Skylights – Install quality – flashing check – cracked glass or fogging of units
  • Dormer roofs – Covering – condition – longevity
  • Roof structure – External and internal checks for – roof sag – roof spread – Purlin support and condition – internal light – condensation issues – ventilation – wall plates – tie bars and condition

Nobody wants to be surprised with a £20k bill for roofing works, so why not stay one step ahead of the game and order your roof inspection with Universal Roofing?

*We’ll even refund the cost of your inspection, should you decide to use Universal Roofing to take out any work on your new property.

We can’t say fairer than that!

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