Are you prepared for the coming winter?

It’s been a nice year for weather so far but we have to face it, the long summer days are dwindling and winter begins it’s steady march back as we enter September 2014.

It’s not all bad though,  we have cosy nights in, fireworks, scary halloween masks and the big guy with the white beard will be spreading joy across the land (but only if you’ve been good all year!)

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll know that it’s wise to keep an eye on maintenance. One very important part of your home is your roof. Your roof is the first defence against the elements so we need to make sure all is well before the cold temperatures really hit.


Here’s a few tips that will help ensure you are protected against the elements:

Roofline: Check your gutters are flowing freely, your soffits are sealed to avoid birds nesting and your roof tiles are all sound. Think about using mesh or gutter guard to prevent leaves from blocking your gutters and pipes. You can also get ‘bird cages’ to place over your running outlets.

Brickwork: make sure your pointing is not crumbling and allowing damp to enter your property and have a look at all exposed areas. Some walls see a lot more action than others, depending on which way they face.

Ridge Tiles: Make sure all your ridge tiles (the highest ones) are secure as these can become loose over time. There are dry fix options available.

Patios and driveways: Check for loose block-paving and make sure your drains are flowing well. Remove any weeds.

Santa needs a safe way to bring your gifts this year…