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Reviews. These days reviews are everything. That’s why we make sure we get good reviews by being friendly, reliable and offering affordable quotes.

We’re proud of our record and want to make sure everybody can see how we’re doing. Click the images below to visit our profile pages and see for yourself.

We’ve been members for over 5 years and recently received a certificate to show our continued service.

100 good reviews for Universal Roofing from Trust a Trader!

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If you’ve got building or roofing repairs that need doing, why not get in touch and work with a roofer that cares about their customers. We’ll be happy to get you watertight and safe at price that won’t break the bank.

We offer a friendly and reliable service and can advise on all aspects of roofing and building works.

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5 reasons to choose a Medway roofer

A Medway roofer will turn up on time more often – because they use local cafes ???? All joking aside, it’s not a good idea to have a roofer travelling long distances to work on your property. Google can return some strange results so it’s wise to find out where your contractor is based before you book work.

If you’re looking for a decent roofer to repair or replace your roof, there are a number of reasons that could be a benefit to you. Here are 5

Medway roofer on the way to a job in Gillingham

5 reasons to choose a Medway roofer

  1. A local Medway roofer will be more likely to have worked on similar properties to yours
  2. Medway roofers will know the best local suppliers saving time & money
  3. National companies can be expensive and can sometimes have extended lead times
  4. A local Medway roofer will more likely turn up on time
  5. You’re supporting a local business and feeding the local economy in your area

We are Universal Roofing & Building Services, a professional and experienced company that provides roofing and building services and repairs in South East London and Kent. We have over 10 years experience and have a reputation for excellence in the local area.

We undertake all roofing and building work from tiling and slating to general maintenance and repairs, with no job being considered as too big or too small. We guarantee a high standard of workmanship every time, with outstanding customer care.

We are happy to work on the following:

  • New roofs & re-roofs
  • Roof repairs
  • Chimney work
  • Lead work
  • Lead Roofs
  • Fascias, soffits & guttering
  • Flat roofs
  • Felt roofs
  • Lead roofs
  • Building services
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Paving
  • Fencing
  • Driveway & patio cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Exterior & interior painting

The benefits of using Universal Roofing include:

  • All work guaranteed
  • 7 day ‘cooling off’ period for your peace of mind
  • Friendly, polite service at all times
  • Respectable staff

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Messenger Chatbot – chat live via our Facebook page

You may or may not have noticed that we have a new icon on our site. We know that lots of people like to instant massage businesses with a quick question. This often saves time and sometimes people don’t want to use a contact form, make a phone call or write an email with no known reply time.

With instant messaging, you can quickly open a chat session and get an answer almost straight away. We’ve linked this to our Messenger app so you can contact us anytime with the click of an icon.

We’ve also added SSL to the site, this ensures any data is encrypted and sent securely via the site or messenger app. How many roofers care about your privacy? 🙂

In case you haven’t seen it – it looks like this:

So if you have any roofing or building questions, hit us up on chat!

Roof inspections for new homes

Roof inspections for new homes for just £189*

Roof inspection

When you look into buying a property, you want to make sure everything is in order.

The roof can be an expensive outlay if there are structural defects or hidden problems that need fixing. These are the things you need to know before you buy!

  • Roof covering – Age – expected longevity – condition comparable to similar properties – suspected leaks
  • Ridge tiles – Mortar condition – ridge iron check – ridge tile condition
  • Guttering and rainwater systems – Type – life expectancy – problems or blockages – damage or cracks – leaking joints or unions
  • Valleys and gulleys – Fatigue splits – life span – poor repairs – mortar condition if present
  • Chimney stacks – Brickwork and mortar condition – loose chimney pots – worn chimney flaunching – flashings type and condition
  • Flat roofs – Flat roof condition – flat roof decking checked for soft spots – roof covering and life expectancy
  • Roof windows and Skylights – Install quality – flashing check – cracked glass or fogging of units
  • Dormer roofs – Covering – condition – longevity
  • Roof structure – External and internal checks for – roof sag – roof spread – Purlin support and condition – internal light – condensation issues – ventilation – wall plates – tie bars and condition

Nobody wants to be surprised with a £20k bill for roofing works, so why not stay one step ahead of the game and order your roof inspection with Universal Roofing?

*We’ll even refund the cost of your inspection, should you decide to use Universal Roofing to take out any work on your new property.

We can’t say fairer than that!

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Universal Landscaping Services

Universal Landscaping Services on Trust a trader
5 Stars and 50 Reviews!

Since the weather turned for the better, we’ve been asked by lots of customers about landscaping and garden renovation services and many are surprised to learn that we can help. We’ve always been happy to take on landscaping work but we’ve never really advertised it.

That’s why we added Universal Landscaping Services to our list of services offered.

If you have no idea what landscaping means, have a look here:

Being in the building game means that we understand the nature of hard-landscaping and whilst we are not what you may call ‘green fingered’, we can certainly assist in creating the correct landscape in which your garden can flourish. Rockeries, walls, fences and manu other options are also available.

Here’s a job we did recently involving removing lots of debris and rubbish to restore the garden back to a useable area. Mulch (chipped tree bark) was laid to prevent weeds and provide a good useable surface, just what the customer needed!

Universal Landscaping Services image 1Universal Landscaping Services image 2

If your garden is in need of a little attention, why not ask for a quote? We’ll have a look and offer you a free, no obligation quote and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how competitive we can be. We get great prices for all landscaping materials from our suppliers so we’re able (and happy) to pass that saving on to our customers and offer good value for money.

We can build walls, repair damaged areas, install patios and design areas exactly how you want them. Are you entertaining family and friends this summer?

You can find ways to contact Universal Landscaping Services on this page and we’ll call you back promptly if you leave us your telephone number – at a time that suits you.

Universal Landscaping Services – For your summer 2015 outdoor haven

Universally insured for Flat Roofing!

Yes, you heard it right – we’re insured for flat roofing!

Universal Roofing are now officially insured for flat roofing using 3 layer bitumen felt systems.

Heat insured for flat roofing
Heat needs to be applied to fuse the bitumen layers together, forming a watertight bond.

What does that mean?

This means that we have now added ‘heat’ to our insurance policy enabling us to work on roofs with flame guns and bitumen burners. We are indeed insured for flat roofing again!

We started out as flat roofing specialists so we are no strangers to the process. We have lots of experience and you can rely on the system to seal any leaks – permanently.

That’s 3 layers of bitumen felt, fused together to make one very watertight surface.

Why is ‘heat’ insured for flat roofing?

Universal Roofing - insured for flat roofingFor traditional flat roofing systems, you need to apply a lot of heat to the bitumen roofing materials and this increases the risk of fire, insurance companies charge a high premium for this additional level of cover. You can’t mess around with fire on a roof!

With demand growing again for this traditional flat roofing system, we have made the decision to go back to our roots and offer this ‘craft’ as one of our services. We can install complete new garages & roofs or repair existing bitumen installations.

If you have a bitumen felt roof that needs attention, we’d be happy to have a look at it. You’ll be surprised at the price compared to some systems, that’s why it’s making a comeback nowadays.

Due to market changes we are able to source felt at very competitive prices.

Contact Peter directly: 07901 668482 or use the contact form to send us a message

Are you prepared for the coming winter?

It’s been a nice year for weather so far but we have to face it, the long summer days are dwindling and winter begins it’s steady march back as we enter September 2014.

It’s not all bad though,  we have cosy nights in, fireworks, scary halloween masks and the big guy with the white beard will be spreading joy across the land (but only if you’ve been good all year!)

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll know that it’s wise to keep an eye on maintenance. One very important part of your home is your roof. Your roof is the first defence against the elements so we need to make sure all is well before the cold temperatures really hit.


Here’s a few tips that will help ensure you are protected against the elements:

Roofline: Check your gutters are flowing freely, your soffits are sealed to avoid birds nesting and your roof tiles are all sound. Think about using mesh or gutter guard to prevent leaves from blocking your gutters and pipes. You can also get ‘bird cages’ to place over your running outlets.

Brickwork: make sure your pointing is not crumbling and allowing damp to enter your property and have a look at all exposed areas. Some walls see a lot more action than others, depending on which way they face.

Ridge Tiles: Make sure all your ridge tiles (the highest ones) are secure as these can become loose over time. There are dry fix options available.

Patios and driveways: Check for loose block-paving and make sure your drains are flowing well. Remove any weeds.

Santa needs a safe way to bring your gifts this year…

21 Reviews and still 5 stars for Universal Roofing in Medway

Where do you find a 5 star roofer? Universal Roofing in Medway can help…

With 21 Reviews and 5 stars at for Universal Roofing in Medway we think you found us!

Seriously, how do you choose who works on your home?

Word of mouth? Yellow Pages? Radio adverts? Google?

More and more people are choosing because they trust the way the site works. Here’s what they say about the selection process:

Universal Roofing in Medway

How it works

New to TrustATrader? Let us show you the ropes.

If you’re looking to get a job done properly, you want to find a trader you can trust to do a good job for a fair price. TrustATrader allows you to quickly find a tradesperson in your area who can be trusted to provide a high standard of work. Source:

Universal Roofing in Medway come highly recommended. We value our customer reputation.

It’s generally a good idea to spend time researching who you appoint for works, especially roofing and building works as there are many firms that set up who don’t always have the right skills to do the job. Trust a trader ensure you only receive quality workmen.

Another great options is this:

Once your job has been completed, leave a review on TrustATrader to let others know the quality of work done by the trader. You can also pay your trader online.

This encourages a continued high standard and helps others to find tradespeople they can trust.

Does it matter whether I leave a review or not?

You don’t have to leave a review, but it only takes a minute and we’d like to think you’d want to reward a job well done to allow others to find traders most deserving of business.

Find out more about paying your trader on

Have a look around BEFORE you book your trader and read the reviews left by customers.

Since we joined the site, we’ve worked for estate agents, schools, medical centres and even completed a few driveways! We’re building and roofing specialists so don’t be afraid to ask about our other services. Universal Roofing in Medway are happy to help.

When you’re ready to talk to us, we’re ready to talk to you.